Academic Cell

A well functioning Academic cell, both for JW (Junior Wing) and SW (Senior Wing) students, is functioning in the Institute. The cell handles all the academic affairs of JW and SW students of the Institute. The cell functions efficiently by utilizing internally developed programmes making error free, speedy and efficient documentation of students’ records. All the academic records are computerized and a good database is generated. The entire students’ files are computerized. This is the only Institute, where many facilities are provided and one among them is Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM) where the relevant faculty /centre head discuss with parents and also provides them the test report /grade sheets of the students.

This cell does all the planning and allotment, preparation of time-table, monitoring the registration, providing guidelines for preparation of competitive exams, scrutiny and recommendation for approval of forecast and also they focus in the students involvement in class and test. They have the proper documentation where any matter can easily be extracted. This cell also provide the calendar for  class and test on regular basis.


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