The Students Advisory Services aims to provide prospective and current students at the institute with the necessary information and advice in order to make informed and sensible choices. This is done through research, the provision of information and advisory services and the constant contact with fellow Alumni those who are in IIT’s or passed out. The office integrates both public relations and an administrative function and provides assistance to students in the following areas:

  1. 1.) Practical or personal issues related to career paths and courses of study within the local context.

  2. 2.) Establishment and maintenance of links with schools curriculum  particularly those at the post- secondary levels.

  3. 3.) Assistance to the academic cell with enquiries relating to courses of study and the provision of information.

  4. 4.) Advice to prospective students / aspirants.

The service operates in close liaison with the Counselling Services, the Admissions and Records Office and other offices of the institute.


  • 9589830259 / 07886541888

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